About Caricatures Ireland

I was born in Dublin in 1968, the youngest of two brothers three sisters. My parents, who are both from Castlebar Co. Mayo, moved to Tralee then as my Father had work commitments. It was great growing up in Co. Kerry and there were a number of things that probably played some part in shaping my present day interests as I remembered my Fathers involvement in Siamsa drama and of course his friend ship and following of Gaelic football with the then legendary Kerry team of the 1970’s,and early 1980’s. My Father, Hubert, got involved in amateur dramatics and I can remember going to performances by this nationally renowned theatre group, and also as a six year old I remember kicking the ball (and their ankles) around when the Kerry lads trained. They included the likes of Oge Moran, Pat Spillane, Mikey Sheehy, and Owen “The Bomber” Liston... legends.

Hughie GlynnIn the mid-seventies the family moved again back to the east again, this time to Naas Co. Kildare, where I settled for the longest stint as I went through both my Primary and Secondary education while attending the C.B.S. system. While living and growing up there I realised that I had a natural talent for drawing, designing and creating various things. My Father was a Draughtman and maybe I got some of the talent from him, and my mother Bernie always had a very good natural flare for interior design and fashion. Indeed all my brothers and sisters, be it through drawing or musical proficiency, have a creative talent. The 80’s was a very creative decade for me as it was during this growing up period that I knew I was to have a career in design, in some form or shape.

In 1986 I went to College to study art at The Dunlaoighre School of Art and Design, now called The Blackrock College I believe. It was a great part of my life to be there learning so many thing on design appreciation, all the different and varied medium , and being surrounded with likeminded people. In the early 90’s I worked as a free-lance artist, carrying out all kinds of commissions such as portraits of people and pets, commercial illustrations, shopfront and vehicle signage. This self-employment was sustained for about seven years during which time I worked part-time in an Art Gallery where I worked as a framer, did some window front displays, and sold quite successfully my own caricature portraits, especially to the equestrian fraternity.

In 2000 I left Kildare to where I now live in Carlow Town and like a lot of people I was very busy with work during the early Celtic Tiger years, and when things slowed down and then stopped very suddenly, I found that I had time to take stock and concentrate on other interests. I am a natural designer by instinct and always have been attracted to the Arts, and so in 2008 I did a two year acting course by joining The Barnstorm Theatre Company in Kilkenny, where I also got back into set-design work again. Also during that period I joined up as a film extra, and so between doing various film/t.v .courses and my theatre involvement, I have begun and continue to this day to learn about the business and the performance end of such entertainment, The Arts and art itself.