What unique service do I offer?

I carry out affordable one off, highly personal caricature and portrait commissions for you to present to a loved one for any occasion. I have listed here on my website, with samples shown, all the various events and occasions where my caricatures and portraits have been presented.

Why commission a piece of artwork?

The world has gotten very modern, fast and materialistic in a short space of time, and if you want to gift to someone, or an event or an occasion a present that nobody else will have thought of, I will create a bespoke work of art for you. A unique piece of art will be a wonderful surprise and it will say to that person how much you consider and value their friendship, and will express how much you care about them. That and at least you know such a gift will not get put in the attic, but will be displayed with pride!

How do I go about getting it done?

All I need is one good hard-copy photo or electron image for a portrait, or if it’s a caricature a photo and a few personal details that inform me about the person or persons in question will suffice! You don’t even have to sit or pose or anything and this way it is so much easier if you want to have a portrait carried out of your kids, or cousins or grandchildren. Even if a loved one lives in America or Australia this is no longer a problem as the internet has made all that much more accessible.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me on 086 8929072 for a no-obligation discussion!